SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KOVR-TV) — Pairs of underwear have been showing up on cars in the north Oak Park area since the start of September. Some residents, however, are reporting the “creepy” incidents have been going on far longer and seem to be happening particularly to women.

On September 4, Caity Maple found a pair of women’s underwear on her car. She “laughed it off” and told CBS Sacramento she believed she “knew something was up, but I thought…maybe nothing.”

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When it happened a second time within a week, she said she knew something wasn’t right, but wasn’t convinced it was worth reporting the incidents to the Sacramento Police Department. Instead, she took a photo and posted it in neighborhood groups online.

The response was “overwhelming.” Maple said multiple women sent her messages sharing similar experiences. Some of them, within the last few months, and others within the last two years.

(credit: Caity Maple)

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“If I go out to my car and discover a pair of underwear, I have to be very careful about how I react to it or to not show a reaction because this person might be watching me,” Maple told KOVR-TV. “That really creeped me out. Then, to hear that several other women in the community are experiencing the same thing, or have, was very creepy and very concerning because who has the time to do this and why are they doing it?”

Sacramento police say there’s no evidence that would link what happened this month in Oak Park to previous peeping Tom activity earlier this year in midtown. As of now, there is no information on a suspect or motive.

A Sacramento Police Department spokesperson said officers added extra patrols after these incidents.

“I hope to raise awareness, number 1. It took me [finding] several pairs of underwear and weeks before I got to the place of feeling like I needed to report it,” said Maple.

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Sacramento Police Safety and Crime Prevention Tips are also available online through the police department.