ESTERO, Fla. (CBSMiami) – Some motorists in Florida were quite surprised after spotting woman moving a full-size couch in a convertible MINI Cooper. Most people would likely use a U-Haul or pickup truck to move furniture, but not this gal.

This woman was caught on camera hauling the giant couch in her tiny car in Estero, near Fort Myers. “It’s a horrible idea,” said Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Greg Bueno. “The couch itself is bigger than the MINI Cooper.”

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It gets even more dangerous because the woman was also using one hand to hold the couch while she was driving.

Florida woman hauls couch in convertible mini Cooper. (Source: WBBH via CNN)

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“It’s not properly strapped down,” Lt. Bueno said. “She’s holding it with her right arm. It’s an obstruction of view.”

The video was taken Monday on the Estero Community Bridge, which crosses over busy I-75.  If the couch were to have come loose for any reason, it would have put drivers on the road near her and below the bridge in harm’s way.

“That’s how tragedies happen, and we’ve had far too many recently in our local community,” said Lt. Bueno.

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This crazy maneuver is not only extremely dangerous, say police, it’s also illegal. Anyone caught doing this could face a citation.