“We’re hiring for positions across the board."

Earlier this month, CW44 News told you unemployment rates were causing major disruptions for bay area businesses. But Wednesday, hundreds of Floridians signed up to support the travel industry.

Tampa International Airport held their largest hiring day to date. Hundreds stood in line for their chance to impress those hiring managers. And if you weren’t one of the hundreds in line, you probably know someone who was. Ranked 23rd busiest U.S. airport by passenger boardings, Tampa International lived up to that name Wednesday during their largest hiring day ever.

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“We’re hiring for positions across the board! Baristas, Ground logistics and ground handling,” said Spokesperson for Tampa International Airport Danny Valentine.

A lack of workers put a strain on airport flow nationwide even as travelers returned this year. After more than a year of Covid-19 lockdowns airport travelers have been met with longer lines and airline delays.

“It’s been tough to maintain the quality and delivering service to our customers that they’re expecting, but the good thing is that we have a good management team in place,” said General Manager of Eulen America, Arnold Ochoa. He stood behind one of those busy tables Wednesday speaking with people looking for ground handling positions.

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“I’m also happy and thankful for the airport to put all this event together. So, for companies like ours, who’ve been struggling, getting people back to work because that’s been our main challenge,” he said. “So far, in less than an hour we have received about 30 to 40 applicants already.”

Tampa International Airport To Hire 650 New Employees

Somewhat new to Tampa, he says he can relate on a deeper level to the person he’s examining for the first time.

“I lived in Miami for 22 years. I’ve been living in Tampa for almost 3 years. I actually moved here because of the opportunity that Eulen America gave me here. And they had really support me and my family.” A story meaningful to both he and his potential counterparts.

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“That’s something to really be grateful about because it’s something you don’t find in every airport honestly and I’m planning to stay here for long,” he said.