TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Acting United States Attorney Karin Hoppmann announces the unsealing of an indictment charging 16 individuals with violent crimes in aid of racketeering.

According to the indictment, the defendants were members of Unforgiven, a racketeering enterprise engaged in acts of murder, violence, kidnapping, robbery, obstruction of justice, and other offenses. The indictment also alleges that Unforgiven used “corrupt law enforcement officers and state employees” to gather information about people, investigations, and prosecutions, and to smuggle contraband to incarcerated inmates.

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The indictment charges each of the 16 defendants with committing at least one violent act in aid of Unforgiven, including kidnappings, conspiracies to commit assault, threats of violence, and assaults with deadly weapons.

One charge accuses David Howell of assaulting protestors with a dangerous weapon at a Peace Walk for Black Lives held on June 5, 2020.

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An indictment is merely a formal charge that a defendant has committed one or more violations of federal criminal law, and every defendant is presumed innocent unless, and until, proven guilty.


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The Following People Indicted:

  • Maverick Maher, a/k/a Saxon, 39, Pensacola
  • Joshua Fisher, a/k/a Hammer, 27, Brooksville
  • Levi Sharp, a/k/a Sketch, 38, Satsuma
  • George Andrews, II, a/k/a Shrek, 51, Pensacola
  • James Mapoles, a/k/a Matt Mapoles a/k/a Matt Criston, 40, Panama City
  • David Howell, 35, Loxahatchee
  • Ryann Howard, a/k/a/ Auto, 39, Orange Park
  • Ryan McLaughlin, a/k/a Pretty Boy, 35, Jacksonville
  • Darrin Terranova, a/k/a Nova, 51, Beverly Hills
  • Brandon Welch, a/k/a Scumbag, 34, Milton, Florida
  • Joshua Williamson, a/k/a Chain Gang, 36, Live Oak
  • Steve Anderson, 28, Bristol
  • Joshua Hall, a/k/a K9, 42, Wildwood
  • Jarrett Arnold, a/k/a Jit, 31, Zephyrhills
  • Scott Marshall, a/k/a Solo, 45, Port Richey
  • William Walker, a/k/a The Duke, 38, Jacksonville