ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — Family members are remembering Malik Campbell, 30, a local rap artist known as GFZ Mill Tick3t who was killed in a shooting at the Prato Apartments in Midtown on June 22, 2021. Another person was injured.

Campbell worked really hard to boost his career, before his efforts came to a tragic end. “A friend of my son Malik called and said that he was killed,” said his mother, Norma Pierce, as she recalled a conversation with her daughter. Police say someone shot and killed Campbell, injured another person and fled the scene after a possible argument, leaving residents, friends and his family in shock. “The first reaction is denial,” said Pierce, who had exchanged text messages with Campbell shortly before the call.

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As of Wednesday afternoon, police had not yet released information on any suspects or the condition of the second victim. “You robbed my two granddaughters, his two daughters, of a father,” said Pierce. “Malik was changing for the better to show his kids that he could do this,” said Latiqua Farley, the mother of Campbell’s two daughters.

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Campbell’s aspirations started when he was just five years old. “I put this floppy disk in the computer one day, and I hear this rap,” Pierce said. Years later, he was the subject of local radio shows, videos and most recently, an article by In The City Magazine. The family shared a lot of laughs and tears, as they reflected on their memories. His sister Maiya Campbell says she’ll honor him through her detailing business. “I want to do some commercial videos and hear his music and let people just hear him,” she said. Thee family is also focusing on what he would have wanted. “Ultimately for us to remain a close family like we are, to keep his legacy going and to constantly remind his girls how much he loved them and cared about them,” said Dachelle Sharpe, another sister.

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As they look for justice, they’ll keep his legacy alive by keeping his music alive.