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Hamby Road will close June 2 for about three weeks — a move that should allow the roundabout project there to finish roughly four months earlier than expected.

The closure affects access to all of Hamby Road from Hopewell Road. It can be still be used and accessed from Highway 9 by those with residences on and off Hamby (including the Watsons Bend entrance into The Manor).

Electronic message boards are currently out around the area indicating the pending move. Next week they’ll be accompanied by detour signs to indicate alternate routes.

After the road reopens — which could wrap up earlier or later than the anticipated three weeks, depending on weather and other factors — the framework of the roundabout should be set. While there may be finishing touches (like final paving and markings as well as landscaping) left, the roundabout should be generally operational at that time.

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Crews have worked for months on the TSPLOST-funded roundabout at Hamby and Hopewell roads (while simultaneously doing something similar at the Hopewell-Thompson intersection). Initial staging plans called for a three-way stop during construction at Hamby and Hopewell, along with regular delays due to flaggers closing one lane at a time, for this part of the process.

This month’s Hamby Road closure eliminates those steps while allowing crews to work much faster. Officially, this roundabout (like the one at Hopewell-Thompson) must be completed by December 31, 2021. While the work was not expected to last quite that long, the Hamby Road closure is expected to shave a significant chunk off the timeline.

For more on this TSPLOST project — including budget details, a timeline and supporting documents — click HERE.