CHAMBLEE, Ga. (CW69 News at 10)



January 11, 2021—The City of Chamblee Police Department (CPD) is the first in DeKalb County to implement Automated Enforcement of a school zone, located at St. Pius X Catholic High School, 2674 Johnson Rd NE. The automated traffic enforcement safety device program has been put in place to increase children’s safety by reducing excessive speeding in the school zone.

The initial school zone cameras are installed at St. Pius X on Johnson Drive. Following this installation, the city will be implementing cameras on the other side of the school, on Plaster Road. Each installation will include new signage alerting drivers to a 30-day warning period. During the Warning Period, the CPD will be mailing no-fine Warning Notices to drivers identified as exceeding the school speed limit.

A speed study was conducted during school hours in November. The study revealed that in just one day, there were 246 violators traveling more than the posted speed limit of 25 MPH and were speeding at 11 MPH and above. If the department used this data to estimate monthly violations, it could have exceeded 1,000 speeding vehicles in the school zone.

“The implementation of automated enforcement is an important step for public safety in Chamblee,” Chamblee Police Chief Kerry Thomas said. “The most obvious benefit of course, is a safer school zone, but the community benefits as a whole because enforcement is evenly applied, more resources are freed up for community policing.”

The Chamblee program will target the most egregious speeders exceeding more than eleven (11+) miles per hour over the posted speed limit in the St. Pius school zone. The cameras will operate from one hour before school until one hour after school, only on school days. A sworn officer reviews and approves each violation before a ticket is issued. A 30-day warning period is in effect before any citations are issued and will last until Feb. 5, 2021. Citations are $75 for a first offense and $125 for a second. These are civil violations that do not go on records or cause points on licenses.


For more information, please visit or call the Chamblee Police Department’s non-emergency number, 770-986-5005.