MARIETTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — The World of Illumination attraction in Marietta is getting lots of attention, as drivers line up for one of the area’s newest holiday attractions. Folks are happy to describe their drive-thru experience and say it’s a great way to brighten their spirits during the pandemic.

The creators say it’s the largest animated holiday light show on the planet. They held their first show in Phoenix, Arizona back in 2016. “Five Years ago, my partner and I wanted to innovate a brand new light show, and we created World of Illumination. We scaled it to a level that nobody’s ever done before.”  said Simon Kreisberger, who co-founded the attraction. “We have created the largest animated holiday light show on the planet.”

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It’s definitely a sweet ride, as drivers tune their car radios to music that is thoughtfully synced to the light show. “Every one of our shows is unique in its own way,” Kreisberger said. “Here in Marietta, Georgia, we created ‘Candy Rush,’ which is all candy sweets and treats-themed.”

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Drivers are soaking in the lighted trees, unicorns, gum drops and other features. “It’s really been a rough year for everybody, so we really want to go above and beyond to create something that will end everyone in 2020 on a much brighter note.”

He says they also went above and beyond with promoting COVID-19 safety. “We have gone to an online reservations only platform, which means there are no transactions on site.”

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The attraction opened on November 20, 2020. They’re almost sold out, but the show will go on through January 3.