DECATUR, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — In the battleground state of Georgia and in DeKalb County, Dr. Jill Biden was welcomed by Stacey Abrams and county officials. She urged the public to vote early and support her husband, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. “Joe will be a president for all Americans,” she said.

She described how the former Vice President has helped his family overcome their personal tragedies and how he would run the country as president.

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“He has a plan to end this pandemic, to rebuild, to reimagine a future that’s better than ever, and that means opening our schools and daycares safely,” she said.

She says Joe Biden would protect people with pre-existing conditions, make prescription drugs affordable and create good paying jobs.

Members of the Republican National Committee for Georgia say otherwise. “She’s not running for president, Joe Biden is. He basically considers Georgia a flyover state,” said Republican National Committeeman for Georgia Jason Thompson.

The RNC says the Trump campaign has been here several times, most recently at a Black Voices For Trump event. They say Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, has done anything but support Black voters.

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“She was putting Black folks in jail, and it was under the 1994 crime bill which Joe Biden was pushing,” Thompson said.

“Democrats have proven time and time again that we stand up for the issues that matter most to them,” said Tharon Johnson, a senior advisor for the Biden for Georgia Campaign. Johnson says that’s why most Black voters will still vote Democrat. “I would really tell people to think about where the Republicans have been for the last six or seven decades.”

“It’s gonna be close,” Thompson said. “I think President Trump’s gonna pull it off in Georgia, as far as the hard work we’ve been doing.”

Jill Biden says both sides should embrace their differences and similarities, asking “We can still love and respect one another can’t we?”

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Both sides are working to sway voters as the countdown to Election Day continues.