(CBS Local)– On Wednesday, BET premieres a new show called “Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living,” starring David and Tamela Mann and Courtney Nichole. The sitcom from the Hollywood mogul Perry is one of several new shows that he has premiered on the network.

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The show centers around a man named Jeremy, who just lost his job and decides to move his family back to Georgia in order help his grandfather run a home for the elderly. Two half-hour episodes of the show begin at 9pm EST/PST on BET and Nichole is excited for people to fall in love with the show and her character Leah.

Still from BET’s “Assisted Living” episode 101. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

“It was so amazing and so much fun and there was so much good energy,” said Nichole in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Tyler Perry just leads from the top. He leads with love and it just trickles down. We’re dealing with comedians and I was just trying to hold my own. Mr. Perry just oozes energy and fun. He was always feeding us lines or adding something funny. It was a great moment.”

Both David and Tamela Mann reprise their roles from “Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns” and play Mr. Brown and Cora, who are interested in investing in the elderly living facility. While Nichole has worked with some great actors in her career, she was blown away by being on the same set as the Mann’s.

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“I love them and they’re as amazing as I hoped they would be,” said Nichole. “They are just very warm and a loving couple. I had my husband down there while I was filming and they got to meet him. They were super excited that we were newlyweds and a new couple. They really took us in and even invited us to one of the last Madea’s Last Farewell shows that they had. We were able to go down and see that. They were awesome. Tamela has a new album out and I downloaded it.”

One of the things Nichole enjoys the most about this show is that it provides laughs and also addresses the serious issues going on in our country right now around racial inequality.

“We were able to dig in and we had some topics that we had to talk about. We had some fun, but it’s a family show and just like The Cosby Show or any other show, we’re going to talk about those things that are represented in the world. We had those moments too and it was beautiful to play those.”

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Watch “Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living on BET” and watch all of DJ Sixsmith’s interviews from “The Sit-Down” series here.