Love Island returned for season two earlier this week and we are already off to a wild start in Viva Las Vegas. Due to the global pandemic, Islanders isolated for two weeks before entering the villa and are now situated on the roof top of the Drai’s Nightclub where they will compete for love, money and glory…or at least love and money.

Returning to her hosting duties for season two is Arielle Vandenberg who caught up with CBS’ Matt Weiss to discuss Love Island‘s new locale, who she has her eye on and working with show narrator Matthew Hoffman.

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MW: Hey Arielle, excited to talk to you today. We’re going to talk a bunch about Love Island, but before we get into that how have the last couple months been for you?

AV: Hey Matt! The last couple months have been interesting. Everybody’s been in lockdown, in quarantine. I’ve actually been in a Love Island bubble, so that’s been different for me. It’s been exciting because just gearing up to do the show we all had to go into quarantine. I’ve been here for a minute.

MW: Were you totally by yourself the entire time or did you have anybody with you?

AV: My fiancé came with me and stuck it out for the first two weeks which was awesome and got me settled. I also have my little doggie here, so I wasn’t completely alone. It’s always nice to have another heartbeat in the room.

MW: And then once production actually got started how has this season been different from season one?

AV: Production has been different because with everything that’s going on. We have all been tested multiple times and in quarantine making this place the safest environment for these Islanders to meet people. We’re actually in Vegas this season which is so exciting, it’s bringing so much energy. Vegas has a whole different vibe than Fiji.

I loved Fiji don’t get me wrong, but this is a really cool show to happen in Vegas. I love it.

MW: What can you tell us about this season’s villa?

AV: The villa has an energy that is so electric, we are seeing the whole Las Vegas Strip it’s so cool. You see Caesar’s Palace through the neon heart with the shower, it’s just so cool. They did such an amazing job on this production. We’re shooting at the Drai’s Nightclub on the rooftop; they turned it into our villa. You wouldn’t even think this was a club. It looks like a house that I would like to live in.

MW: If you have to be quarantined that’s not a bad place to be.

AV: Oh no, I’m like get me in there. It’s so cool!

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MW: The other thing too is that with the testing and being in a bubble beforehand, it’s probably one of the safest places in America right now.

AV: I’ve never felt more comfortable, I’m not kidding. Even without Covid, I’m like can I stay here. The Clorox is real. [laughs]

MW: The villa is great and Vegas is great but it’s really the Islanders who make the show, who are some of the people that you have your eye on for this season?

AV: Right now, Johnny, who is our bombshell. He stole one of the girls on night one. He stole Cely, she was she was in a couple and then he stole her. I’m rooting for that couple because they seem really happy; they seem like they’re really into each other. They had a little make out sesh, we all saw that, I’m rooting for them!

MW: In addition to the Islanders we also have not only you as the host but you also have a narrator. That’s an interesting thing to have a host and a narrator and it seems like you and Matthew have so much fun together. What’s that like working together?

AV: Oh my gosh, Matthew is perfect, he’s our narrator and he is just so funny. It’s honestly watching the show and you’re hearing his voice, it’s like watching with your best friend. He’s saying everything that you wish you could say or that you want to say. He’s just…love him.

MW: For anyone who hasn’t turned into Love Island yet, crazy first of all, but second of all what can you tell them why should they be sold on tuning into this show?

AV: Well first of all, it’s a perfect show for right now since everybody’s staying at home. We have a show on seven nights a week. It’s so unique in the way that we can shoot on a Monday and you see that on a Tuesday, it’s happening in real time, it’s not sitting on a shelf. The show isn’t stale it’s happening right now. It’s just an exciting show because it’s happening right now. It’s not like, oh we already know who gets together. It’s like, no you don’t.

MW: A lot of people are just looking for anything that’s live. This is a fun show and it’s live on top of that.

AV: Exactly. It’s their storylines. It’s not just talking heads. It’s such a fun show. I’m so excited to be a part of it. It’s the coolest, I love it.

MW: Well that’s all we have for today Arielle, but thank you so much for the time and all the best with the rest of the season!

AV: Thanks Matt, all the best!

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Love Island airs on CBS at 9:00 PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings for more information.