PINELLAS COUNTY, FL (CW44 News At 10) – Republican Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini addressed a group of supporters at a press conference Friday about a lawsuit he filed. The press conference occurred July 17, 2020 outside of the Clearwater Courthouse and he was joined by renowned Constitutional attorney, co-counsel KrisAnne Hall. The lawsuit he filed is against Pinellas County and the unconstitutional nature of the face mask mandate.

Sabatini calls the law extremely invasive and criminal. “Pinellas County has decided that they know better than the state, they know better than the federal government, they know better than everybody and they’re going to go ahead and pass a unconstitutional, and illegal mandate here in the county. This mandate is not only illegal, not only is it a violation of Florida privacy laws, [inaudible], protection, it’s actually just an absolutely horrible policy.”

Sabatini continued, “Pinellas County is threatening the livelihood of every single working Floridian in this county, and anybody who enters this county in the middle of the biggest economic recession in a decade. Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. A lot of people want to talk about safety. Let me tell you something. If you believe in safety, stay home!!

According to Sabatini, the lawsuit is against the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners for their unlawful ordinance requiring face coverings in Pinellas County. Representative Sabatini is lead counsel on a separate lawsuit, the lawsuit filed against the Hillsborough County EPG for their mandatory mask order. According to Sabatini’s press release, unlike the Hillsborough lawsuit, Representative Sabatini’s lawsuit has not been detrimentally delayed by a transfer to federal court.