RALEIGH, Nc. (CW69 New at 10)


United States Attorney Robert J. Higdon, Jr. advised the public today that cards and other documents bearing the U.S. Department of Justice seal and claiming that individuals are exempt from mask requirements are fraudulent.

There have been reports of individuals in North Carolina and other parts of the country creating cards or other documents claiming that the bearer of the card is exempt from mask requirements.  Some versions of these cards threaten businesses or organizations with fines if they take steps to require patrons to wear masks.  In an effort to make the cards or documents appear legitimate, fraudsters may include the U.S. Department of Justice’s seal or include other threatening language. The Department of Justice is also aware of efforts by some to sell these fake cards to members of the public.

The public should take note that the Department did not issue these documents, and the Department does not endorse them.  Furthermore, the Department has not granted permission for the use of its seal for this purpose, and misusing the Department seal is a federal crime.