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The Fulton County Jail unveiled its first thermal imaging cameras today that will scan temperatures of everyone entering the jail facilities.  The devices that resemble large mobile telephones were installed today and may be the first to be used at any jail in Georgia.  The thermal cameras are located at the front and back entrances of the main jail and the South Jail Annex in Union City.  These new devices are phasing out the touchless thermometers that were deployed previously during the pandemic to read the temperatures of inmates, law enforcement officers delivering inmates, employees, and other visitors to jail facilities.  Those devices required closer contact for the forehead scans.  Use of the thermal imaging cameras is a much safer method.

The machines alert when someone has a fever which is a known symptom of the coronavirus COVID-19.  Sheriff Ted Jackson said new these tools are part of measures being taken to control the introduction and spread of the virus into the jails.  Soon more of these cameras will be installed in other high traffic areas in the facilities