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Plan Offers Framework to Reinvest in America, Grow Jobs, Help Families


ATLANTA, GA – U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) today released the USA Restoring & Igniting the Strength of our Economy (USA RISE) Plan – a framework to drive economic security, opportunity and investing in America amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loeffler, who was named to the President’s Opening Up America Again Congressional Group, spent nearly three decades in the private sector helping build and grow small and large businesses and helping to create thousands of jobs. She most recently was the CEO of a financial technology firm.

“My first priority in this unprecedented health crisis is to do all I can to keep Georgians and all Americans healthy. This, in turn, will help our economic security, which means protecting lives and livelihoods,” Loeffler said. “The Trump administration and Congress have moved quickly to address the COVID-19 pandemic by providing funding to strengthen our health care infrastructure and deliver relief to families, farmers and employers across the country.

“We also must address another growing danger: the societal and economic impacts of the measures taken to address COVID-19. As a member of the President’s Opening Up America Again Congressional Group, I am dedicating my decades of business experience to helping address our country’s economic recovery from this global pandemic. I have developed the USA RISE Plan, a basic framework for a dialogue about America’s return to growth, and to limit any further spending to specific areas targeted at strengthening our country.”

The USA Restoring & Igniting the Strength of our Economy (USA RISE) Plan:

  1. Made in the USA: Business, Supply Chains & Infrastructure that Works
  2. Grown in the USA: Feeding, Clothing & Connecting Americans
  3. Hiring in the USA: Sustaining Employment & Small Business
  4. Families in the USA: Supporting Healthy Lives & Families

 You can read more about the USA RISE Plan here. For detailed background information on the plan, click here

 In addition to drawing from her vast business experience, the plan has been influenced by Loeffler’s constant communication since the beginning of the pandemic with hospitals, elected officials, first responders, food banks, small business owners, farmers, ranchers and producers, educators, community banks, large employers, nonprofits and chambers of commerce across Georgia.