Breathe in the good news this week, folks! Take a look at what we’ve got for you in this week’s TAKE 3!

  • SCAD Produces COVID-19 Face Shields for Local Doctors
    • The university’s SCADpro design studio and the SCAD School of Design are using innovative ways to solve the shortage of face shields for medical workers.
    • Check out their website for more info!
  • The Escape Game Unlocked
    • Digital version of The Escape Game: The Heist – Vol. 1: Chasing Hahn is now available on their website!
  • “Drive-Thru I Do” @ Naylor Hall
    • Historic Naylor Hall teamed up with local business owners, including Ryan Pernice (Owner of Table & Main – a Southern Tavern) and Pat Rains, co-founder of Gate City Brewing Co, to create a wedding ceremony…to-go!