Cobb County, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — Hundreds of high school band students in Cobb County Schools participated in an epic virtual performance.

McEachern High School Assistant Director of Bands Joe Huls told CW69 each student taped themselves and submitted individual videos from their homes.

“We created the Google Forum, and the Google Forum had the instructions for the kids, how to record it with headphones in, listening to the track,” he said.

The students were given one week and access to a piece called “Shimmering Joy,” written by Atlanta-based composer Tyler S. Grant.

The school closures resulting from COVID-19 has put a damper on all hands-on classroom time, particularly extra curricular activities, like band.

“The band room for a lot of kids is home for them, and they love making music with each other, and so when that’s taken away from them, they don’t quite have that outlet for that expression,” Huls said. “When you watch it, you get that sense of, ‘We were all playing together again.’”

He said the coolest part is the kids got a chance to play with students they normally don’t play with from around the district.

Huls said he did a lot of the heavy lifting, but credits the other band directors and the students involved in the group effort.

Click on the video to watch the masterpiece.


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