ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — The Atlanta Police Department said an additional officer has tested positive this week for coronavirus.

This comes less than a week after they announced the first known COVID-19 case in the department, bringing the total number of cases to two.

In a press release, the department said:

“Both officers who have tested positive are at home, recovering in isolation from their colleagues. We also have a small number of officers who are home, either sick and awaiting tests or diagnoses, or quarantined for a variety of reasons – including living with a family member who has tested positive or is showing symptoms. These officers continue to represent a small minority of the department, and will return to work as soon as they are cleared.”

They also addressed ongoing efforts to reduce the spread of the virus within the department.

“We continue to take steps to reduce the spread of the virus within the department. We are in the process of distributing masks to our officers, so they are able to wear them when interacting with the public. Additionally, arrestees will be required to wear a mask when being transported to jail. Our worksites continue to be cleaned by a professional decontamination company, with priority given to locations where officers have tested positive. In the interest of safety for our officers, as well as jail staff and inmates at both Fulton County and the City of Atlanta detention facilities, officers are also being encouraged to write a copy of charges, rather than make a physical arrest, for non-violent crimes where there is no danger to the public. We continue to emphasize that APD expected the COVID-19 pandemic would affect our staffing – as it has law enforcement agencies all across the nation – and developed a contingency plan with a priority on ensuring we are able to respond to emergency calls. We have experienced a lower call volume than usual in the past week, and there is no degradation to our ability to respond to 9-1-1 calls.”


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