MARIETTA, GA — Cobb County police said no charges will be filed against the black metro Atlanta lawmaker or the white man whose racial clash over the weekend made national headlines.  Both state Rep. Erica Thomas (D-Austell) and Eric Sparkes “were provided information on how to contact the Cobb County Magistrate’s Office if either wished to pursue any further criminal action.”

The brouhaha began on July 19 when Thomas recorded a tearful, emotional Facebook Live video where she said a man called her “a lazy son of a [expletive]” and told her to “go back where she came from.” Thomas said Sparkes made the comment to her while standing in an express Publix checkout line where she had too many items. On Saturday, Thomas was being interviewed by a local TV station outside the Publix when Sparkes showed up. Thomas and Sparkes got into another argument in front of the TV crew, with Sparkes denying he said Thomas should “go back where she came from.”

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