ATLANTA — Five gang members recently convicted of murdering a man who had been a California police witness were all sentenced to life in prison Friday morning. The Fulton County DA’s office said the men devised a plan to lure Christopher Dean, 33, to one of the men’s apartment to torture and murder him in an effort to show other gang members that working as a police witness would not be tolerated.

On October 17, 2016, Christopher Lockett invited 33-year-old Christopher Dean to the Atlanta home of Xavier Gibson and his brother, 30-year-old Orlando Gibson. Dean was under the assumption that his visit to the Gibson home was to complete a drug transaction between himself and Lockett. The two men had completed similar transactions in the past; however, prior to this visit to the Gibson home, Lockett learned that Dean was once a police witness in California. Lockett and the members of his criminal street gang devised a plan to torture and murder Dean.

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