The Neighborhood is back with an all-new episode tonight at 8:00 PM ET/PT, only on CBS. The Neighborhood recently got picked up for a second season and has been praised for it’s ability to tackle issues of race and gender.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Tichina Arnold and Beth Behrs ahead of tonight’s all-new episode to discuss their characters, the cast’s chemistry and the important issues the show is able to tackle within a comedic format.

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MW- Good morning Beth! Good morning Tichina! How are you both doing?

TA- Good morning Matt! We’re good, we’ve had our coffee!

MW- Excellent, so glad we all are getting a chance to talk today. The Neighborhood has kicked off to such a great start in its inaugural season, what’s it been like going through this process together?

BB- It’s been amazing! It’s been so awesome and so much fun. We’re such a family on set and off.

TA- We’re having a great time and we got picked up for another season so we’re really having fun!

MW- Well congrats! It must be so nice to get that vindication that all the hard work you put in is paying off!

BB- Yes! We’re super stoked.

TA- This show is needed, that’s what I say. Especially nowadays.

MW- The show is a comedy of course but it does touch on a lot of really important issues.

TA- Yes, most definitely.

BB- I think it’s important today, especially in our current state of our world. It’s really important as artists to  be able to be on something that we’re proud of and that brings people together.

TA- Most definitely. I think if this show was on five years ago it wouldn’t have been received the same way. To be able to be on a show and really believe in the work – the show comes from an honest place. We have a half hour to make you laugh and what better way to make you laugh than to show you through laughter that change is possible. It is possible to break down color barriers and cross racial lines and truly like each other and coexist.

MW- There’s the racial issues that are tackled but then also both of you as women act as the voices of reason on the show. I’m interested to hear from you both and Tichina we’ll start with you – what are your favorite things about your character on The Neighborhood?

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TA- My favorite thing is I love the fact that Tina from the jump was openhearted about receiving these new neighbors, even though her husband was pensive [laughs]. She represents a lot of women. Women are able to coexist a lot easier I believe because we’re mothers. We’re natural mothers and we give birth, we give life. It comes from a different place when it comes to women, we figure it out faster. Which Beth and I did on and off camera.

BB- Even from the first episode there was an instant connection between our characters and like Tichina said they really brought everyone together. I’m learning a lot from Gemma. We just did an episode that will come up where she has to fire someone for the first time, it’s her first time being a principal at a school.

TA- Great episode!

BB- We talk about women and the pay gap and what it means to be a woman right now in the workplace. I love Gemma, I think she’s much stronger than me [laughs].

TA- You keep saying that! Why do you keep saying that?

BB- I just feel like she’s a badass!

TA- Do you live vicariously through her?

BB- I live a little vicariously through her. I want to be more like her and she’s learned a lot from Tina which is good.

TA- Right, well they teach each other which is good!

BB- Totally!

MW- Well the show has been great it’s awesome the chemistry you two have and it really shows on camera as well! Thank you so much for the time today and hope to speak to you both again soon!

TA- Thanks Matt!

BB- Thanks Matt, take care!

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Catch an all-new episode of The Neighborhood tonight at 8:00 PM ET/PT, only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.