(CBS Local)– Tim Meadows is an actor’s actor. He is funny, talented and well liked by his peers. Those relationships with his Hollywood friends have helped the 57-year-old create a successful and consistent career.

Meadows got his role in “Mean Girls” thanks to his friend Tina Fey and wound up on CBS All-Access’s first original comedy “No Activity” through bonds created with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live. The entirety of season two is available to stream right now and Meadows believes he finally has a handle on his character Detective Judd Tolbeck.

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“I got comfortable with the character at the end of shooting last season,” said Meadows in an interview with CBS Local. “We do my whole season in about six to eight days. I don’t have a lot of time to think about this and come back tomorrow. This year was a lot easier because I knew who the guy was. He’s an innocent person, who tries to find the joy and trust in other people. I think he’s a little bit jaded by his job and doesn’t take it that seriously and he really cares about his partner.”

The Michigan native is best known for his 10 seasons on Saturday Night Live where he played “The Ladies Man” on multiple occasions. Meadows has worked on a ton of different projects in his career and “No Activity” stands out in his mind for a few different reasons.

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“I feel like the rhythms of this comedy are different from what you would see on most sitcoms,” said Meadows. “CBS All Access backed the show this year and put money there. It turned out good and I’m really proud of this show.”

While Meadows is known as Detective Tolbeck today, people of a certain age still remember him fondly as Principal Duvall from “Mean Girls”. Meadows never imagined that movie would help him redefine his career.

“I got a lot of love and respect for Tina Fey and she knows it,” said Meadows. “A lot of my success after SNL is due to that movie. A friend put me in a movie and wrote a part for me and I was smart enough to do it and do a good job at it.”

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Stream all episodes of “No Activity” right now on CBS All Access.