Dramatic bodycam video shows police officers in Atlanta rescuing a passenger from a fiery car crash burning car. Officials say the car hit a utility pole this weekend and burst into flames. Bystanders pulled two people from the wreck, but when officers arrived, one man was still trapped in the front passenger seat.

Body camera video shows police rescuing a trapped passenger from ain Atlanta.

News outlets report a car hit a metal utility pole early Sunday, and the engine compartment was aflame by the time police arrived. Bystanders helped get two passengers out of the burning car, but the front passenger couldn’t get out.

So two police officers got to work. One used fire extinguishers to combat the fire, while the other worked to get the passenger out through the driver’s side window.

An officer’s pants caught fire, but he only suffered minor scrapes and bruises. The three passengers were hospitalized.

Atlanta police Sgt. John Chafee thanked the citizens who helped remove the people, and commended the officers.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

“Today Show’s” Hoda Kotb reports on the amazing rescue.


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