(CBS Local) – A group of mothers on social media is slamming major retailers for selling inappropriate and oversexualized clothing to children.

In a Facebook post by the parenting blogger “Assignment: Mom,” a mother rips Target for not having any shorts for her 10-year-old daughter besides overly-short or extremely tight-fitting garments.

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“You know I love you…but we need to talk about tween girls for a minute,” the blogging mother writes. “We live in a culture sexualized enough as it is; I wish I could go shopping for my tween and not have to worry about her backside or her underwear showing in a pair of athletic shorts.”

The July 8 post was commented on and shared thousands of times, with many mothers reporting the same scene in other retailers like Walmart.

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“I went to like five places before finding Bella clothes, it’s ridiculous people are designing little girls clothes like hooker style,” Kate Paddock replied to Assignment: Mom’s post.

“I went to Walmart to get my toddler daughter a pair of shorts for soccer and ended up picking them up from the boys’ section,” one person wrote according to Yahoo. “For my two and a half year old! The ones in the girls’ section were all basically short tights, which she finds very uncomfortable.”

Several other parents reported having to shop in the boy’s department for youth athletic gear, alleging that retailers only have scantily-clad outfits available for minors.

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Target is disputing these claims. “We offer three types of shorts for girls: short, midi and Bermuda. Over the last few years, we’ve actually been going longer, not shorter… this is the case even with our short shorts,” officials wrote in a company statement obtained by the Daily Mail.