JEFFERSONVILLE, Ga. (AP) — A Macon teenager was allowed to return home Monday after he was taken from his parents after they allowed him to smoke marijuana to treat frequent seizures

The 15-year-old boy suffers daily epileptic seizures, according to a brief filed in juvenile court by the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia. The teen had tried prescription medication and legal medical cannabis oil, but those didn’t work.

Then, his mother and stepfather, Suzeanna and Matthew Brill, allowed him to smoke marijuana. That stopped his seizures for 71 days, said their lawyer, Catherine Bernard.

But when authorities found out, they came to the family’s home in Macon on April 19 and said they had to stop. The parents agreed to comply, and the teen had a serious seizure the next day that required hospitalization, Bernard told The Associated Press on Monday.

The teen was placed in state custody, and his mother and stepfather were charged with reckless conduct after authorities said the couple put their son in danger by giving him marijuana.

“Our position, of course, is that the state endangered him by abruptly terminating treatment that was working for him,” Bernard said.

Marijuana is not legal in Georgia for recreational or medical use, but the possession of low-THC cannabis oil is legal for the treatment of a specific list of medical conditions, including epilepsy.

At a hearing Monday in Twiggs County Juvenile Court, the state came out first and said the teen should be returned to his parents, Bernard said. It was clear that he was being cared for by parents who had his best interest at heart, she said.

A protective order was outlined in court, but it hasn’t been finalized yet, Bernard said, adding that Suzeanna Brill has agreed to follow instructions from her son’s doctors.

  1. The lame excuse by police and CPS for kidnapping this child “that we were just following orders”, “or just doing our job” went out with the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945! People have a responsibility to do the right thing regardless of the law, orders, or what their job description is. For many things cannabis is good medicine.

    Cannabis is a virtual miracle cure for many children with multiple seizure disorders that big pharmaceutical is completely unable to treat. This knowledge is decades old. Specific strains of cannabis like “Charlotte’s web” that are high in CBD and low in THC have been developed to help these kids. In the US we have seen case after case in the news where children having multiple seizures per day are reduced one or two seizures per month by consumption of high CBD cannabis extracts. And following that a trail of families forced to leave jobs and home behind and immigrate to California, Colorado and Washington so that they might treat their child’s illness without having to go to jail. All this insanity while cannabis is clearly safer than tobacco or booze. Why is our government continuing to lie about cannabis???

    The madness is over, Fully Legalize cannabis NOW!!!

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