By Marlena Turner

When you traditionally think about cities with amazing coffee shops; Seattle, New York, or San Francisco comes to mind as some of the best. It’s time to forget that notion, and think about looking in your very own backyard. Atlanta has some incredible coffee shops that offer drips directly imported from Columbia, Ethiopia, or even Mexico. You won’t need a passport for these fantastic cups of joe, here are the best locally-owned coffee shops in Atlanta.

Hodgepodge Coffee
720 Moreland Ave. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 622-8525

There’s something incredible happening in East Atlanta Village, and locals come far and wide to experience what has become coolest, eclectic, yet laid-back coffee shop in all of Atlanta. The Hodgepodge name is perfect in description. It’s a little bit of a coffee shop, slightly like a bodega, with an art gallery ambience that captivates patrons in search of an early morning jolt of caffeine. When it comes to coffee, they serve signature drips with some of the smoothest Batdorf & Bronson coffee, and daily bake delicious treats such as cheddar biscuits, authentic Jamaican patties (beef, chicken, or vegan), or their famous chocolate chip and banana bread, among other amazing fresh bake goods. What separates Hodgepodge from other coffee shops is their curated art gallery and merch by Root City Atlanta. Artist can submit applications to exhibit in their amazing space. Stop in and grab a cup, try a delicious cheddar biscuit, and stay and be captivated by the creativity of some of Atlanta’s emerging artist exhibitions when you visit Hodgepodge Coffee.

Proof Bakeshop
100 Hurt St. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30307
(678) 705-3905

Proof Bakeshop is a quaint little coffee shop tucked in Inman Park that serves daily fresh coffee, baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and is the sister restaurant of Cakes and Ale, a popular local spot in Atlanta. Their coffee is smooth Counter Culture drip from Columbia and Peru. Pair your cup of joe with one of their delectable scones, or their famous baked egg, ham and gruyere melt and you’ve got the perfect morning combo of deliciousness. Can’t get enough of Proof’s baked goods? You can also find some of their baked goods at Decatur’s Cakes & Ale restaurant, Inman Park’s Bread & Butterfly restaurant, and the Freedom Farmers Market. Check out their website for more locations.

Ebrik Coffee Room
22 Park Place S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 330-0119

Tucked in between the busy downtown college scene near Georgia State University, Ebrik Coffee Room is the “hot-spot” of coffee shops in Atlanta. It’s the young-hip new kid on the block and it’s just too cool, if that can ever be such a thing. The innovative layout is uniquely designed with a focus on functionality for working patrons. Wifi outlets are in abundance. Reading cubes with books are available and the coffee is good. Make sure you try their cardamom infused Turkish coffee. Their bake goods are directly from one of Atlanta’s most popular local bakeries, Highland Bakery. Ebrik is the perfect space to get some work done as you drink your Turkish delight.

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San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co.
1660 Dekalb Ave N.E., Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 330-0119

Along the busy bustling street of Dekalb avenue, there’s a little coffee shop with a crowded parking lot filled with patrons running in and out during morning rush hour. San Francisco Roasting Co. is a popular coffee shop in Candler Park. Each morning the smells of exotic roasts from Ethiopia, Mexico, Columbia, or even on of their own special blends filled their comfy shop filled with rustic couches and chairs. They offer some of the best coffee far and wide in Atlanta. Each day is a new roast which adds to the excitement of any real coffee lover. They also daily bake muffins, bagels, croissants, and their popular crowd pleasing cinnamon knots cannot be missed.

Octane Coffee
1280 Peachtree St. N.W., Suite 100-A
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 418-7868

What’s a best coffee in Atlanta list without Octane Coffee? The mastery and artistry of what Octane creates with their coffee is simply amazing. They put time, effort, and craft into giving their patrons the best coffee experience incomparable to any other place in Atlanta. With everything locally made, they roast their own beans right next to their café and use local dairy farms for their milk to create what many consider some of the best coffee in Atlanta. Whether you’re a super regular, gravy, or white lighting kind of person, you’ll definitely be satisfied with your cup of coffee from Octane.

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