By Deb Taylor

Christmas is the one time of year you want to get really creative and craft something for family members. In fact, a lot of families have grown to look forward to and actually expect those little crafty, handmade gifts being wrapped and put under their trees. A handmade gift means so much more because they are made with loving care and feeling

The Goat Farm Art Center
1200 Foster St. N.W., Studio W-215
Atlanta, GA 30318
(828) 280-1125

The Goat Farm Art Center in Atlanta is a great place to find some great classes for making handmade soaps, lotions and creams. Every ingredient they provide for your use is pure and organic making the end product a thing you can really be proud of. You will be honored to say “I made it myself.” They have classes on hair care products, salt soaps, sugar scrubs and bath bombs. Please check out The Goat Farm Art Center website for a schedule of classes. Maybe you can just whip a few last minutes gifts for someone in your family.

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Red Seal Craft Studio
1140 Alpharetta St., Suite 200
Roswell GA 30075
(973) 951-4451

Do you often get an idea in your head, and you head to the local craft store to gather supplies only to realize you have no idea how to even start to put that idea together? Well, no worries. At Red Seal Craft Studio they solve that problem for you. They offer a variety of classes. You are welcome to attend on your own, but you also may make it a girls night out and bring a group of your friends. Red Seal Craft Studio offers classes in wood projects, jewelry making and glass etching. They may also offer other art mediums from time to time. When those are available they will list it on the website. Their projects range in price from $25 – $65 dollars. Contact them soon to register for an upcoming class.

The Beehive Atlanta
1250 Caroline St., C120
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 581-9261

The Beehive Atlanta is made up of independent designers and offer classes in many mediums such as apparel and accessories, baby items, jewelry and food goods. They also offer classes in bath and body items, candle making, metal stamping, wreath and flower making. They have such an extensive offering, there’s sure to be something to your liking. So check out their calendar and sign up for some classes that interest you.

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The Homestead Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

The Homestead Atlanta, as of now, has no brick and mortar location. They use areas around the city that donate their space. You just look for the Homestead Atlanta signs. They like to say that they have a class for anyone and everyone. There are classes on woodworking, herbal medicine and fiber arts to name a few. They offer classes in heritage skills of yesteryear. Get creative and join one of the many workshops they offer.

So there you have it! You want to be creative and crafty, then Atlanta is your place to be. Atlanta offers many fine places to express your creativity. Look around at the many different places that offer classes and workshops, you’ll definitely find something that suits your fancy!