By Chris Griffy

A thriving local arts scene is one of the hallmarks of a great city. And in that respect Atlanta delivers. From visual arts to performing arts, Atlanta has an arts scene for every taste. But like any medium, a local arts scene is only as good as its supporters. Here are five ways that you can support local art and make sure Atlanta remains one of the South’s best cities for the arts.

Experience Multiple Arts Events at Inman Park Festival and Tour of Homes
160 Elizabeth St. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30307

One way to experience Atlanta’s arts scene in various forms is at the Inman Park Festival and Tour of Homes. Held the last full weekend of April each year, Inman Park Festival has, for the last 47 years, served up a cornucopia of local and regional arts. If you are looking for visual arts, check out Inman Park’s Arts & Crafts Market. For handcrafted items, there is also a Street Market. If you’re looking for music, Inman Park has three stages of music all day. Throughout the day, there are also dance performances by local groups, a parade, and the Inman Park Tour of Homes.

Learn to Create Your Own Art By Joining Atlanta Celebrates Photography
675 Drewery St. N.E., Studio 4
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 634-8664

If you’re a photographer looking to increase and improve your own contributions to Atlanta’s arts scene, the non-profit Atlanta Celebrates Photography is for you. While their signature event each year is the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Special in October, the organization hosts events and lectures throughout the year meant to bring together amateur and professional photographers, gallery owners, and lovers of the arts. Guests at their lecture series have included John Waters, Art Streiber, and Danny Clinch.

Become a Member of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
75 Bennett St., Suite A2
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 376-8700

The anchors to any great arts scene are local museums and The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia is one of Atlanta’s best. By housing over 1000 permanent works of art by Georgia artists in paints, sculpture, photography, and mixed media, MCAG is keeping the focus on local artists. They also host traveling exhibitions by regional and nationally known artists, as well as Internships and Graduate Residencies. Membership at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia starts at $25 and offers free general admission to the museum, artist talks, and special events.

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Support Unique Public Art By Contributing to Living Walls
115 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive S.W., Suite 304
Atlanta, GA 30303

Ever walk past a beautiful public wall mural in Atlanta? If so, you likely have Living Walls to thank for the experience. Since its founding, this non-profit dedicated to public art has facilitated over 100 public murals throughout the area. Their focus is on neglected public spaces, using the urban landscape as a canvas for beautiful work that can be shared with everyone. There are a number of ways to help Living Walls in their project to create public art for all to enjoy. Of course, financial donations are always helpful, but they are also always looking for their projects and annual conference.

Create a New Generation of Artists and Art Lovers at Atlanta Children’s Theatre Company
2870 Peachtree Road, Suite #619
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 550-1600

Crosby, Still, and Nash once famously told people to “teach your children well” and the future of a thriving arts scene depends on getting children involved in art from a young age. Atlanta Children’s Theatre Company is dedicated to exposing children of a wide range of ages to performing arts. Their arts education experiences range from after school programs and workshops to Summer camps.

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