CHICAGO (AP) — A former UPS worker has been charged in a scam that rerouted mail meant for the company’s headquarters to his Chicago apartment.

The Chicago Tribune reports that 24-year-old Dushaun Henderson-Spruce was charged in a criminal complaint with mail theft and fraud.

The charges say Henderson-Spruce submitted a form on Oct. 26 to change the address of the company’s headquarters from Atlanta, Georgia, to his one-bedroom garden apartment.

Court records say a UPS security coordinator discovered the change Jan. 16 and postal inspectors retrieved about 3,000 pieces of mail from the apartment.

The charges say more than 10 checks addressed to UPS totaling more than $58,000 were deposited into Henderson-Spruce’s account.

Henderson-Spruce has previously said it was a mix-up and his identity may have been stolen.

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  1. Kevin Alves says:

    How can this happen? Didn’t UPS realize they weren’t getting mail? For 3 months, no mail would raise up questions for me. How can a large corporation that DELIVERS PACKAGES not notice they weren’t getting mail? How did the USPS change their address without notifying them? I had to jump through so many hoops, including paying $1 to change my address and verify my ID, bring a code they sent at my new address to the post office and go online to verify the code. That they changed the address at all is amazing. And I still haven’t received a single, wait I got one, piece of mail forwarded to me from my old address. Before someone moved in to my old room, i had the manager check the old box for me and I got stacks of mail delivered to my old address. To me there is something we are not being told about this UPS COA story.

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