ST. LOUIS (CBS Local) – Social media is filled with all sorts of cat videos; however, one feline’s inspirational story is warming hearts and teaching people about the value of compassion.

Scooter is not a typical cat. She and another cat were rescued by medical student Sam Tochtrop as kittens. Scooter was born with a spinal deformity, which has paralyzed her hind legs. Although the disabled cat would face many challenges moving forward, her owner says he was determined to give Scooter a good life.

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“The first vet [told] me that I might need to put her down if I wasn’t willing to put in the work,” Tochtrop said in a YouTube video. “I was willing to put in the work.” The Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences student started documenting the duo’s adventures on Instagram two years ago. Scooter has quickly gained over 16,000 followers online who tune in to see the inspirational cat tackle many tasks pets and their owners take for granted.

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“I do feel there is a small amount of compassion that is required to look at a creature — a person or an animal — and say that it’s deserving of a quality of life,” the St. Louis resident told The Kansas City Star.

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Fans of Scooter’s journey have reportedly stepped up to help Tochtrop by donating food and other pet supplies. The cat’s owner added that the generous donations have enabled him to take care of Scooter’s medical needs much more easily. “It’s awesome how many of you have said that we’ve brightened your days just by sharing our lives with you,” Tochtrop said in an April 5 post. “Thank you all so much for helping us get to where we are!”