A man who claimed he had been poisoned stabbed a Georgia deputy in the leg inside the sheriff’s office and was shot to death by police, authorities said Wednesday.

The man arrived at the Douglas County sheriff’s office looking for shelter Tuesday night and was given water, news outlets reported. Oakes eventually went into a restroom and called 911, saying he’d been poisoned, sheriff’s Sgt. Jesse Hambrick said.

Deputies found the man — later identified as 32-year-old Justin Oakes — and he was combative, Hambrick said. They tried to subdue Oakes with a stun gun but “Oakes continued moving in the direction of the deputies with the knife,” the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday.

A deputy was stabbed at least twice in the leg during the confrontation, the agency said. One of the officers was “forced to discharge his firearm” after the man stabbed him, Hambrick told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Two deputies were treated at a hospital and released, authorities said.