In DeKalb County, a student died from the flu on Sunday. The 15-year old Miguel Jaimes Martinez was a student at Cross Keys High School and his death is the first in the district related to the flu. In an interview last week, DeKalb County School District Officials said that there have not been any reported deaths of students related to the flu up to that point.

Principal Jason Heard informed staff of the teen’s passing Monday morning in a note to staff members which were sent after classes started. Heard’s note stated the following:

“Good morning teachers and staff members. It is with regret that I have to inform you of the sudden passing of student Miguel Jaimes Martinez. The counselors are arranging class visits but if you have any students who need to be seen before the classroom visitation please do not hesitate to send them to the media center. Thank you.”

It’s reported that more that 60 Georgians have died from the flu or flu symptoms this season.  The school districts are taking extra precautions as the number of people stricken with the illness continues to grow.


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