As Xi’an received the year’s second snow, animals at the wildlife park were all about playing out in the open – a refreshing sight for those who find it hard to beat the cold.

On Sunday, giant panda Qin Qin was seen having too much fun while rolling over on the snow-covered ground. The four-year-old even found a huge yellow ball to play with, and from time to time would use the snowy slope as a slide and move back up for another round of fun.

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But as the sun goes down, the keepers move the pandas inside to keep them safe and warm.

“Pandas like snow a lot. So they enjoy it very much. However, we have to put them back inside at night, as they need to sleep, and also because it’s cold outside,” said Shen Guancheng, chief engineer of Xi’an Qinling Wildlife Park.

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Then there are these red pandas who were having some fun too in between their meals outside.

“Some African animals, like gnus, elands and kobus are afraid of cold. They move around outside in the day, and return home at night, as it’s warm inside,” said Shen.

While there’s much fun out in the open, some prefer to stay indoors in the warm – like the chimpanzees.

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