After the Dow hit yet another record investors will react to a slew of earnings today.

Among them – – Starbucks, which didn’t sell enough cups of joe to satisfy wall street.  The coffee giant says it earned $2 and a quarter billion dollars, but sales were lukewarm over the holidays.  Customers did add food to their orders, but it didn’t gain any new customers.

As many as 1000 jobs are on the chopping block at Walmart’s headquarters.  Half are happening this year; the second round will come in 2019.  Earlier this month, the world’s largest retailer also shut 63 Sam’s club warehouses, in an effort to keep up with amazon.

Most Americans are over-confident about their skills behind the wheel. Triple-a says nearly three-quarters of drivers think they’re better than average. That includes 8 out of 10 men who boast they’re great drivers. But triple a says human error accounts for 90-percent of accidents.

And Ikea to the rescue! The retailer is introducing the “tog-ether” bundle, featuring two single duvets in one package. Sold for now just in the u-k. The duvets come with different thermal sleep ratings. The company says its “Swedish sleeping method” could help everybody get a better night’s sleep.


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