With baseball scheduled to announce the 2018 class of Hall of Famers on Wednesday, the guys debate if some of the top players from the steroid era will get in this time around. Joining the show to talk about Wednesday’s announcements and the 2018 Braves is Hall of Famer and MLB Network analyst John Smoltz.

After talking about being tired of being cold with the weather around here, Smoltz talked about his former teammate – Chipper Jones – who is expected to join the Hall on Wednesday. “He was an unbelievable talent. Chipper was one of a few players created to be a star. There was no harness (in his early years), but he’s certainly deserving.”

Smoltz’ thoughts on Gary Sheffield: “He was one of the most feared hitters around. He too, learned how to play multiple positions and was a prolific hitter. One of the guys who bothers me (who hasn’t gotten in) is Fred McGriff. We don’t talk enough about those players who did it the right way.”

Barry Bonds? “For Barry, we all know there will be players above the rest. He could run, hit and throw and whether if artificial or not, he destroyed a lot of records. People are allowed to make their choices, but they aren’t to reap the all of the benefits from it.”


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