All the mattered to the Atlanta Falcons last Saturday was that they beat the Los Angeles Rams and moved ahead to the Divisional Round of the playoffs to face the Philadelphia Eagles.

With Atlanta winning in Los Angeles, the New Orleans Saints (who beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday) were sent to face the No. 2 seed Minnesota Vikings in the Divisional Round.

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Former Eagles linebacker (he did play for the Falcons in 2005-06) Ike Reese joined The Morning Show with John Fricke and Hugh Douglas and dropped a playoff bomb on the city of Atlanta.

Even while Reese broke down the game and talked about how great Atlanta’s running back duo was… All while mentioning how scary the Falcons’ defense was with Deion Jones in the middle (whom he compared to Derrick Brooks) and the unit’s speed, that game information was overshadowed by Reese’s first comment of the interview.

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“I mean listen,” started Reese. “The Falcons have been topic of discussion all week. And it’s not a team that anybody’s overlooking I think. We breathed a little bit of a sigh of relief when the Falcons won. I think everyone was afraid that the New Orleans Saints, with their team that would come in here.”

So Reese believes the Eagles fear the Saints more than the Falcons. And he seemed pretty sure that’s what Eagles’ fans think.

“You kind of prefer to have the Falcons,” said Reese. “Not because you don’t believe they’re a good team, just because they think they’re not the same as they were last year when you put 33, 34 points per game. But they still have those same offense of weapons.”

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That’s pretty much Reese saying the talent is still there on offense for Atlanta, but the Eagles aren’t afraid of it because it’s not been clicking in 2017.