Welcome to the new year. Now seems like a good time to take a breath after a hectic 2017 season and look back at the good and the bad. Once you’ve made peace with that, start looking ahead at what is expected to be another exciting season for Atlanta United.

As you’re looking ahead at 2018 for the club maybe you’re the kind of person to make resolutions. Maybe you’d like to balance out some serious ones with some fun ones. That’s where we come in! Here are a few things we can do in 2018 should we want to add those fun things.


Appreciate Carlos Carmona more

Plenty of people did this last year so I’m not calling you out.

Or you.

That being said, with the good news that Carlos Carmona will be staying with Atlanta United for 2018 after talks with Chilean Club Colo-Colo broke down we’ll have more time to watch Carmona create and destroy. Carmona got sent off in Atlanta’s first ever game and then settled in to be a force in the midfield. It’s reasonable to assume he’ll slide back to a more defensive role in the starting lineup this year. Carmona’s contract is only good through the 2018 season and there is a fair chance he could leave for a multi-year deal somewhere else. So, take some time to appreciate a player who became one of Atlanta’s best in the latter stages of 2017.

20161205 atlutd photoshoot 161 Five Stripes Resolutions

Miguel Almiron signs for Atlanta United (Photo Courtesy of Atlanta United)

Appreciate Miguel Almiron

Another name that might be on the move whether we like it or not.

Look, we know what Atlanta wants to be and moving Almiron for a profit is part of that. There’s a non-zero chance that this happens in the Summer so be sure to enjoy every moment he spends terrorizing the league.

This one feels easy and most people will do it anyway but still, make a point to enjoy the insanely talented Paraguayan and make gifs a-plenty while enjoying his passing and even his defensive work.


Go Tailgating

The Gulch is a magical place. Filled with magical people.

There’s joke waiting to pounce here. It’s a giant hole where everyone can get together and listen to music, grill out, play soccer or make signs. If you haven’t found your way down there yet you owe it to yourself to go. You don’t have to have a definite plan, just take a visit before a game to take in the atmosphere and even march to The Benz before the game.

There are different groups down there before games for all sorts who would wander in with a red and black shirt. Head down, beat the traffic, talk to people and enjoy a gameday.

20170920 atlutd lagalaxy kh 610 Five Stripes Resolutions

Atlanta United supporters at LA Galaxy match (photo: courtesy of Atlanta United)

Bring Someone New to the Sport to a Game

Atlanta United made an international name for itself in 2017 with fun and raucous crowds. If you’ve made your way to a game and can swing it, bring someone who hasn’t ever been to a soccer match (or at least an Atlanta United match.)

Of course, nothing in this world fits everyone’s style perfectly and there may be some people who don’t care for United matches, but they won’t know until they try. Grab a friend or a family member and drag them down to the Benz for a game. At the very least, you can enjoy an outing with someone you care about and watch them try to time up the A-T-L clap for the first time.


Get Involved

This one is pretty broad.

Find a way to get involved in your community with the game. Whether that involves joining a supporters group, donating your time or even just playing the game yourself. There are places to play and grounds to get involved with around the region and if there’s nothing local for you, you could always discuss starting something yourself with friends.

That being said, not everyone has the time to dive in and get super involved with things and being unable to take on big undertakings doesn’t make you a bad or lesser person in the least. The key here is to have fun and do what makes you happy with the game that you love.




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