We started on Wednesday, counting down the five biggest sports stories in Atlanta from 2017. You can check out the progression by looking at what came in at:

How’d this countdown come to be?

The Morning Show with John Fricke and Hugh Douglas spent days debating on the air and took to social media (Twitter and Facebook) to let their listeners help determine the five biggest sports stories of 2017. Before we get to No. 3, let’s briefly mention some of the stories outside the top five (in no particular order):


To say Atlanta was ready to welcome professional soccer back to town was the underestimation of the century. Atlanta set a new model for the pro game in the United States. A high-scoring, electric team that generated so much buzz every game was sold out and then some. The Five Stripes smashed the league’s single game attendance record not once, but twice, a record that had been around for 21 years.

The ground work laid for the future of the game was beyond impressive. It captured the attention of the world, which suddenly sees Atlanta as a hotbed to become a major player for the worldwide game on a worldwide stage.

Stand by. The next thing you might hear are the words ‘World’ and ‘Cup’ in this city.

Reporting and information from The Morning Show was used here, and John Fricke provided reporting and contributed to the writing of this article.



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