Who can forget the Unite the Right Rally this past August in Charlottesville VA. The protest made national news when several hundred white nationalists and supremacists flooded the campus of The University of Virginia. The entire country sat in shock as we watched video footage of protesters from the alt right movement brutally attack 34 counter protesters while yelling vile racist slurs.

As tempers raged, the white nationalist groups and white supremacists erupted into a higher level of violence; leaving three innocent people dead. Two Virginia state police officers died and counter protester Heather Heyer; who killed when a car driven by 20 year old James Alex Fields, an admitted white supremacist, plowed into the crowd.

During a press conference, President Trump’s pivoting remarks of blaming both sides for the deadly violence in Charlottesville, VA sent the nation in a fury and widen the racial divide. Thus causing nation-wide protesting throughout the country; including here in Atlanta, where there are now calls to remove confederate statues and names of streets dedicated to confederate soldiers.​

Amanda Cooper, Entercom Radio


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