So here I am….in a 621 HP V-12 Bi-Turbo….the biggest and badest machine that Mercedes makes….and people are passing me left and right.


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It really surprised me when I realized what I was doing.   I mean, heck….I like going fast as much as any wanna-be boy racer….maybe more.


And then I realized….I wasn’t in any big hurry because wherever I was going wasn’t as nice as where I was.


The Maybach is an exercise in “over-the-toppedness”, if you will.   It’s only real rivals are Rolls and Bentley….altho’ BMW and Audi will give chase in a year or so.


If you’re familiar with Mercedes’ S-Class, you might say the Maybach is an S-Class with “frosting”….a whole lotta’ frosting.   It’s eight inches longer than the S-Class….and comes with either a 4.0 liter V-8 borrowed from the S-Class, or a 6.0  liter, 621 HP V-12 Bi-Turbo from Mercedes’ AMG performance division.


We got lucky and tested the V-12.    Power courses through a 7-speed auto, and this 5,000+pound study in excess will hit 60 in 4.6 seconds.


So while there’s no reason to go slow, the Maybach gives you almost infinite reasons to not hurry.


While the driver’s cockpit  is a glorious place, indeed, you get perhaps the best measure of the Maybach by opening the rear door first and noticing the aniline leather rear seat in full-recline position….with footrest extended taking advantage of the 40” legroom…CNBC playing on the screen in front of you…laptop on your work table…and champagne flutes ready to receive the contents of your rear-seat refrigerated box.


Oh…..and I forgot the matching two-tone leather pillows and your remote controls for your heated and cooled massaging rear seats.


Yes….let’s just jump in there with the massaging front and rear seats.   No simple “High” or “Low” function here.   No sir.   Choose from “Hot Relaxing Back”…”Hot Relaxing Shoulders”…or not hot…or “Activating”…or “Classic Massage”….or “Mobilizing”…or High Intensity”….or “Workout”.    Get the picture?


Ambient lighting?   Available in every shade of the rainbow….and then some.


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Do you prefer ionized air….or air with an air freshener?   What kind would you like?


And what type of “Energizing Comfort” might please you today?


“Refresh” will bathe you in green-blue lighting with a gentle breeze whisking you away to the seaside….or so says the control panel.


“Warmth” offers cozy warmth by means of heated seats and surfaces with yellow-orange lighting.   Yes….your armrests and console are heated.


“Vitality” generates a revitalizing effect provided by stimulating light and invigorating music…..all via a mere twist of the control knob.


And “Enjoyment” says it engages the seat massage function plus brings artificial sunlight to lift your mood and allow you to relax.


And these are only a few of the ways that Mercedes’ new Mayback can coddle you.


“Curve” is another setting you may not find anywhere else on wheels.   When selected, “Curve” will ever so gently inflate the backrest cushion opposite of the direction in which you’re turning….to just “snug you in” like a Mama holding her first-born.


If you’re in a position to have it all, Mercedes’ Maybach S-650 has as much “all” as anything on the road.    And while at 200K, it runs as much as a house, it’s a little smaller, but a whole lot nicer than the average 200K house!


(Bob Jackson – CBS Local)  


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