By Rashad Richey

If you thought government sanctioned discrimination was a thing of the past, you haven’t been to Camilla, GA. The City of Camilla is comprised of a 70% African-American population and has an elected Black mayor, but city council voted to not give him keys to his own office at City Hall. Mayor Rufus Davis talked to Rashad Richey about the city’s policies, which include Blacks not being allowed to be buried next to Whites, all White school age children in the city go to an all-White private school, and there are no African-American police officers just to name a few. Mayor Davis is now protesting his own city and will refuse to sit in council meetings until his city is desegregated.


Listen below to the interview:

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  1. Publishing this story without seeking commentary from the accused party is irresponsible. If that part is in the interview, it also needs to go into the written summary.

    If it is as exactly as the mayor described, obviously there are federal civil rights violations going on.

    1. I agree. this is a serious story that you owe to your community to research and write. it’s worth so much more than a link to a video that you can’t even fast-forward. don’t have a staff writer? this is worth the editor in chief working extra to get done

  2. jinglesbelle says:

    It sounds like the Counsel Manager is a Czar or the Boss Tweed.

  3. shouldn’t the governor step in?
    the police force isn’t holding up the law so the state needs to investigate and force them out.

  4. I have lived in Camilla, Ga for seven years now and lived in Marietta, Ga before that for years.

    I can honestly say I am flabbergasted that you would report something like this with no research….and it is obvious no research was done. This is simply inflammatory and irresponsible reporting.

    Show me the vote that decided Mayor Davis was refused keys to his OFFICE please. What I understand is he demanded the “keys to the city”. There are no “keys to the city”. Each individual has the keys to their own department/official/employee offices. No magic set of “City Keys” exist and should not.

    Anyone can be buried anywhere in the cemeteries here. The one condition, pay the lot fee. Period.

    All white school children go to an all white private school. Blatant falsehood.

    No African American Police officers on staff. At this tiny moment in time no. We have minority officers but at the moment no African American officers, HOWEVER check our history.

    1. Thank you for sharing another side to the story. It’s astonishing that CBS would share such an inflammatory story without checking into its veracity. Snopes did:

      1. Joselyn thank, thank, thank you so much. I did not know of this report until you posted the link. Let me just say, Camilla Ga is a beautiful peaceful city or it was until now.

        To CBS: Shame on you

        ” Dr. Rashad Richey emerged from the streets of Atlanta to become a true force in the field of politics, social advocacy and government policy….” So Dr. Richey one would think a “true force” would not take it lightly that he was used because of his position to publish a story that obviously has no basis and only seems to promote hatred and division.


  5. Here are some things I think you should ask about and then report on if you ever intend on actually doing your job..

    Did Mayor Davis actually live in the district when running for Mayor or use a relatives address to be eligible?

    Resume check?????

    What happened at Albany State University while Mayor Davis was in charge? Why did he “leave his position” there?

    Why as Mayor is he refusing his salary and does that have anything to do with the reported garnishment of almost $3M supposedly owed by him to the IRS?

    Are the blatant falsehoods stated by the Mayor in his recent press release and conversations with the media a diversion?

    Why, if you are the elected Mayor and you say you care for the people you are elected to represent are you not doing your job, refusing payment for that job (IRS possibly?)and not showing up to meetings to represent the city and the people? Oh and one more….

    “Mr Mayor, as you have stated the public schools in Camilla, Ga are predominately African American in a 70 % African American community. Are you stating that the public schools in your area are somehow substandard in any way because they are attended by a majority of the African Americans that live in your district? ” ” You also stated(according to Dr. Richely) that all white students in your district attend an all white private school and there are no white students in attendance in public schools, however that is a completely false statement…. Which may I please add, your statement does not include any other race in attendance or living in your district. ….Please explain all of that.”

    So Dr. Richely do we get a true follow up or just another misrepresentation of the actual truth?

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