Dave Archer joined The Midday Show with Rick Kamla and John Michaels to talk college football and the Atlanta Falcons.

Archer told us he thinks UGA would have had a chance to be in the CFP under Jacob Eason. He described how Kirby Smart wanted his game plan executed, and taking care of the ball was priority No. 1.

On quarterbacks not in Athens… Arch told Rick flat out that Baker Mayfield will not be taken in the first round of the NFL draft. He doesn’t believe the Heisman trophy carries the same cache it did 20 years ago because you would have to wait for the paper to come out to find out who won. Dave agreed with John that Clemson will beat Alabama to make it back to the National Championship game.

In Falcons news… Arch mentioned how the offense didn’t play very well against the New Orleans Saints, but the defense played well enough to help them get the win. He described the undisciplined Saints and how many penalties they get per games this year. Archer told the Saints to quit crying and buck up because the Falcons will see them again in about 10-11 days.

Archer told us the extra days given to the Falcons courtesy of the Thursday night game to Monday night game are huge this time of year. He said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are downplaying the riff between Jameis Winston and Dirk Koetter but feels like the issue can be resolved if the team plays better. Archer talked about what Gerald McCoy being out for the Bucs means for the Falcons Monday night.

  1. Rick and John asked if UGA would be in the playoff with Eason at QB instead of Fromm, and both said “no”. In their explanations, they both (esp Rick) went to great lengths to say that Fromm is better than Eason. I don’t disagree that Fromm is better (neither does Coach Smart), but the question wasn’t “who is the better QB”, it was “does UGA make the playoff with Eason”.

    To answer the question, you have to say what game(s) would UGA have lost without Fromm. Tennessee? Nope. Florida? Nope. Georgia Tech? Nope. The best argument for turning a win into a loss without Fromm is the Notre Dame game. Fromm did not have to do a lot in that game, but he did throw a TD pass in the corner, where the receiver made a brilliant one-handed catch, so full credit for the throw. Does Eason have the arm talent to make the same throw? I say he does. Would he have made the same throw? I don’t know – and neither do you. We can only guess. For sake of argument, I’ll give UGA a loss to ND without Fromm.

    Are there any other games? I don’t think so. Auburn in the SEC title game only scored 7 points. To say that game becomes a loss without Fromm means that final score is 7-0, 7-3, or 7-6…or you assume that Eason has one or more turnovers in UGA territory that leads to Auburn scores. I don’t think you can assume that Eason is that bad – he’s not. So I say UGA wins the SEC title at 10-2 with Eason.

    Does that get them in the Playoff? Maybe. All else being the same, Oklahoma and Clemson are in the playoff. The last two spots come down to UGA, Ohio State, and Alabama. It’s a coin flip in my mind between UGA and Ohio State. Both are conference champs, both have 2 losses. UGA has just one win against a top 10 caliber team in this scenario, but Ohio State has 2. Ohio State’s loss to Iowa is far worse than either of UGA’s losses – coin flip. Alabama still has the one loss (against the only top-10 caliber opponent they faced), but no signature wins. Does Alabama get in over their own conference’s champ? I doubt it, but maybe. The Committee already has Alabama ahead of Ohio State, but does that change if the SEC champ has 2 losses instead of 1? Maybe, but probably not. It probably still comes down to whether Ohio State’s loss to Iowa means more than their win over Penn State.

    So, without Fromm, UGA is probably 10-2…and might have made the playoff anyway. It’s not the slam dunk “no” that Rick and John both thought it was.

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