LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Giancarlo Stanton was introduced to the media and the newest Yankees slugger looked very comfortable in pinstripes. After voicing his excitement to join a winning franchise, it became apparent that he was perhaps even more overjoyed to avoid another Miami rebuild. Armed with a full no-trade clause, Stanton was sought after by several playoff clubs and hopefuls. He declined to accept a trade to both the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals before landing in the Bronx, where he’ll join fellow 50-homer slugger Aaron Judge. That tandem will not make life easy on opposing pitchers.

“This has been quite the experience, quite the road to get here,” Stanton said in his first remarks with his new team. “When I signed up in Miami, I wanted things to work out, and I had a good vision there, but sometimes things just spiral out of place and you have to find a new home. So I’m very excited to be here and to be a part of the Yankees, and I’m just looking forward to stepping up and being with this winning environment and winning culture.”

It’s also fairly obvious that Stanton was not overly enamored by the new ownership group as the process played out. There were no warm and fuzzy exchanges between he and new front office figurehead Derek Jeter, the longtime Yankees captain. Stanton’s monster contract has 10 years and $295 million remaining, which was never going to allow for many teams to even inquire. However, it was Stanton’s no-trade provision that proved most difficult for the Marlins to control the negotiations. The player had all the leverage, and exercised it in order to join a club that appears to be putting together the pieces to build a perennial playoff contender. Stanton’s agent Joel Wolfe told the media that his client has no intention to exercise his opt-out clause after the 2020 season.