Atlanta Falcons Radio Network analyst Dave Archer joined The Morning Show with John and Hugh Friday to breakdown the Falcons’ 20-17 win over the New Orleans Saints.

Archer said the “defense was amazing” to hold on with Drew Brees having the ball in the final minutes of the game. The defense was patient and came up with key plays against an offense that was putting up 30 points a game prior to Thursday night.

The defense has been able to get stops, and the Falcons expect that out of themselves at this point; to go out there and get stops.

Offensively, Matt Ryan has the ability to stay in the moment and not live in the past. Even though he’s made some mistakes, and he’s able to focus on the then and now, which is really hard to do. Just when you think he’s down, he makes the plays that the team needs him to.

The script has been flipped. This is a defense that you expect them to play well; it’s very opposite of last year. As long as the offense can put something together, the defense can win you games.


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