Atlanta Falcons Radio Network analyst Dave Archer joined The Morning Show with John Fricke and Hugh Douglas on Monday to break down the Falcons’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

We saw a return of what was plaguing this team in the first five weeks, which were self-inflicted wounds, inconsistency and penalties. Archer said this was one of the more elite defenses in the league right now so the premium on moving the ball down the field was going to be difficult.

The Falcons weren’t able to pay attention to the details and it showed, said Archer.

Defensively, the Falcons weren’t playing tight coverage, there weren’t a lot of contested catches by the secondary.

The offense wasn’t able to take care of its opportunities when it did get the ball.

You have to give the Vikings’ front seven a lot of credit. Archer said the Falcons will have to win out in order to have a chance at the playoffs, but they have to play more consistently.

The Falcons have lost three games at home, and if they could’ve taken advantage of those, they would be in a better spot right now.


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