The most recent games inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium have been much different for the Atlanta Falcons compared to the previous two. In wins over Dallas and Tampa Bay, the Falcons averaged 30.5 points per game on offense compared to 17 in losses to Buffalo then Miami.

The defense has been sparked as well, allowing just 13.5 points per game to the Cowboys and Bucs versus 21.5 earlier. In a call-in interview with The Morning Show with John Fricke and Hugh Douglas, head coach Dan Quinn talked about the benefits of playing in Mercedes-Benz Stadium after Douglas asked how it felt when the crowd was juiced during defensive stands.

“That’s having that home-field advantage,” said Quinn. “The connection between the city and the team, our team, we love it. Having a chance to play at home in front of your crowd that’s where the gratitude to give back all we can; we’re going to play really hard for them. So, if we can have them early and loud and we need all of them.”

Not only will crowd support benefit the Falcons, but it gives the players an extra sense of accomplishment to thrive in front of the friendly roar.

“Early and loud would help the defense in a big way,” said the third-year coach Quinn. “But that’s our way to show respect back to the city and to the fans. We’re all connected in that stadium at that time, it’s one of the most fun things you can imagine being part of the team when the whole city is behind you, you feel it as loud as you can be.”

Quinn called the Atlanta crowd smart because of the state’s roots in football at every level:

“Our fans know it [football], so let’s go after it.”

If you’d like to here the ENTIRE Dan Quinn interview, including topics like his team’s health and Devonta Freeman’s practice availability, click below…



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