Venerable quarterback Aaron Murray joined The Midday Show with Rick Kamla and John Michaels to discuss Georgia Bulldogs football and the college football in general.

During the interview Murray hits a number of topics:

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  • He jokingly gives Jake Fromm advice to spike the ball on the 10-yard line if he’s ever on a 75-yard drive late to win a game.  (0:15)
  • Murray breaks down Fromm’s game. (0:40)
  • How much of a threat will Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham be to UGA on Saturday? (2:12)
  • What constitutes success for UGA in 2017? Is an SEC title good enough? (3:15)
  • Would the Dawgs still be No. 1 in the College Football Playoff and undefeated if Jacob Eason was still the starting quarterback. (4:21)

“I think so,” said Murray. “If you look at the way they’ve played this season they’ve played great defense, they’ve run the ball extremely well — which is something that’s been surprising to me not because of our backs but because of our offensive line. And if you want to talk about a unit that has really done a complete 360 from last year, that unit has been amazing this entire year, running the football, protecting Fromm in the pocket.

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“But the quarterback, Fromm has only had a couple of games where he’s had to throw the ball over 20 times — I mean, Florida, 4 for 7. I think Eason, if you put Eason in there, we’d be 8-1, 9-0, easy right now. The quarterback hasn’t been asked to have to do that much. I think the running game has been that strong, and I really like Eason. I think Eason is a great quarterback. I was looking forward to Year 2 from him to see that big stride because usually that’s when you see the biggest stride as a quarterback from Year 1 to Year 2.

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“But going back to Fromm… I think he’s had a tremendous year, he’s made plays when his number’s been called — not only passing the ball but running the ball as well.”

  • Do you take any pride in the fact that the Florida Gators have fallen flat on their faces? (5:37)
  • Are the Dawgs vulnerable to downfield passing? (6:21)
  • What game other than UGA-Auburn are you looking forward to this weekend? (7:30)
  • Who is going to be the best player on the field when UGA steps onto the field against Auburn? (8:28)
  • Who wins the UGA-Auburn game? (9:22)