Baby A.J. is back home with his family, after spending a week-and-a-half at Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta being treated for a stomach infection. He’s the 2 year old Atlanta child born without kidneys. Though Emory University Hospital had cleared the boy’s dad to be a 100% match to provide a kidney, that decision was swiftly rescinded, apparently after dad Anthony Dickerson violated his criminal probation. Days ago, seemingly after being pressured by the community, instead of waiting until January, Emory changed its mind. The hospital has re-started the process of determining if Dickerson is still medically qualified. According to family attorney Mawuli Davis, “He is undergoing testing. The process is going.” So, how soon might the transplant happen? “Hopefully in the very near future”, says Davis. And the family says it’s possible because of the community. “The listeners from V103 and WAOK” says Davis “have just stepped up in ways that are really remarkable, it has really made a difference.”

baby aj and parents e1509727932117 Baby AJ Dad Testing To See If Still Qualified To Provide Kidney

Baby A.J. Burgess is shown with his parents at his bedside during his stay at Egleston Children’s Hospital. Photo from Davis-Bozeman Law Firm.

Vehicle Needed For Trips To Dialysis

A mentor is helping dad Anthony Dickerson with employment, and Davis says mother Carmellia Burgess could use some help too. “Shortly before his (Baby A.J.) hospitalization, mom was in a bad car accident”, says Davis, the vehicle has been totaled.” The attorney says “mom needs a vehicle in order to drive Baby A.J. back and forth to dialysis.” That’s 3 times a week and 8 miles from where the baby lives. According to Davis, “We’re just trying to gather resources to help support her as they begin to move forward and get back on their feet.”


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