Attorneys for the family of young A.J. Burgess say they have “every reason to believe” that the transplant that A.J. “so desperately needs, will take place and that his father will be able to give a special gift to his son.” A.J. is the 2 year old Atlanta child born without kidneys. For weeks, he had been denied a transplant operation by Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. It all apparently stemmed from Anthony Dickerson, the boy’s father, violating probation. The hospital had indicated that the process of clearing the perfect-match father for the transplant would have to start all over again in January. According to Attorney Mawuli Davis, the meeting with the transplant team Monday was, “a step in the right direction.” Davis says they received a clear understanding of what Dickerson has to do next in order to be able to donate his kidney. “We’re hoping that it happens before Christmas” said Davis, “that dad gives an early Christmas gift to his son.” A smiling Attorney Harold Spence said following Monday’s meeting, “Many of us say that we will do anything possible for our children but, often we’re not put to the test. Anthony Dickerson is being put to that test, and he is a willing donor for his son.” This saga has involved U.S. Congressmen and celebrities calling for the hospital to perform the operation.


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