Dave Archer, analyst for the Falcons Radio Network, joined John and Hugh on Monday to talk about the Falcons win over the Jets on Sunday. It was a good win; anytime you can get a win, especially on the road, it’s a good thing. Speaking with Matt Ryan after the game, he said it was the worst weather conditions he’s ever played in (and he grew up in the northeast area). There were four missed exchanges between Alex Mack and Matt Ryan and that was caused by the rainy conditions. It was a constant, steady rain the entire game. “It was a tough scenario, and they did the best they could with it; fortunately they got the win.”

Defensively, Grady Jarrett had a tremendous game. Dave said Grady was really offended and upset earlier in the week that teams have run the ball on them. “It kind of challenges you physically; kind of challenges your manhood a little bit as to who you are up front.” Dave thinks he rallied the guys around him and mentions they had a different attitude about them on Sunday. He thought the defensive line owned the line of scrimmage.


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